My form of meditation

The october mid-term week has gone and it’s going to be a stress free week for me. YAY for that!

It’s been a while since the last time I took pictures of my cooking. I have been reminding myself to take pictures every time I cook but then it ended up with numerous excuses eating it before getting the camera out… I really need to work on resisting the temptation of biting right after cooking. If I had remembered to take pictures from the day I started cooking and baking, you would have seen so many pictures because I don’t quite repeat what I made, which means I tried something different from time to time, such as a new vegetable or a new kind of grain.

As a future dietitian and a serious cook, I strive to incorporate nutrition, variety, and presentations into everything that comes out of my kitchen. I want to be able to cook like it’s my second nature, much like how my brain works when solving problems. It’s not easy because it takes a lot of learning and practising. I want to be able to work with all kinds of goodies and come up with meal ideas with whatever food on hand. Therefore, I read a lot of recipes and watch even more cooking videos, and practise, practise and practise. For every meal, I will ask myself what we haven’t eaten today and this week? what’s in the fridge and pantry? what’s going to be the whole grains, vegetables and quality proteins? Once I answered these questions, I started to recall the things embedded in my mind from learning and watching, and solving the meal problems with the focus on varieties and color.

Cooking for me is my form of meditation. Creating in the kitchen is the one place where I naturally think about nothing while creativity, acceptance, and openness rush in, without effort. It’s how I de-stress, gather ideas, make decisions, and remain open to the possibility.


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