Have you broken the overnight fast this morning?

That’s another way to ask “Have you had breakfast this morning?”

I am a morning person. The brain functions, work efficiency, and creativity are at their peak levels. Usually, I wake up with a couple of important tasks of the day and a grumbling stomach. Sometimes, well most of the times, when there’s nothing to worry about, I just let my mind go wild, which simply means thinking about nothing but a well-deserved breakfast. I love to play with a variety of breakfast foods. Try this this morning, and leave that for the weekend, and it never ends… Someone used to ask me, do you like breakfast for dinner? Yes, I like breakfast foods any time of the day!

Alright, let’s have the breakfast the RD’s way.

Quite literally, the first meal of the day is breaking the fast from overnight; hence the name breakfast. You have not eaten a meal in at least 12 hours, and your bodies and cells need something that will sustain your energy for the day to come. Interestingly, most breakfast options are a combination of sugar, sugar, and more sugar; not exactly the power breakfast needed to start the day. Simple carbohydrates (such as sugar and refined pastries) will only spike your blood sugar temporarily, and leave you feeling dizzy and shaky in the mid-morning. An even worse option than sugar is only a cup of coffee. Yes, coffee gives you an energy burst, but it offers nothing beyond that. Coffee is acid and the morning stomach is acid too, so…… please don’t just drink coffee and think you’re done.

There maybe a lot of benefits you’ve heard about eating breakfast. I like breakfast being the best metabolism booster. It jump starts your metabolism by restoring the glucose levels that plummeted during sleep. Eating a good breakfast encourages you to make healthy choices all day long. I just finished the introduction chapter of Metabolism this week. It is so amazing how things are broken down and used for energy and functions by the body that I can’t wait for next year’s Biology class! 

A breakfast should contain 300-500 calories and include: protein, whole grains, and fruit. Aim for a breakfast with a serving from 2-3 of these categories. Protein and whole grains will keep you feeling full and not cause a sugar spike. Pairing this with fruit is a great way to add nutrients without many calories. Adding a glass of fat-free or 1% milk or a serving of Greek yogurt for bone strengthening calcium for a power breakfast! Here is my key to cut down sugar: Assemble the breakfast from scratch and reach for fruits for sweetness rather than sugar.

My favorite breakfast combinations:

  • 1/2 cup overnight muesli + fruits with a dollop of Greek yogurt
  • 1 slice of toasted whole grain bread spread with almond butter then cover with slices of banana + fruits
  • 2 buckwheat pancakes (homemade) with fruits
  • homemade hot chocolate + toasted whole wheat bread + fruits
  • 2 eggs, scrambled with spinach + toasted whole wheat bread

I do drink coffee everyday but only with my breakfast. If you are a regular coffee drinker, the body (the kidney) will adapt to the caffine and reverse the dehydration effect. My body has used to it as an example.


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