My Day On A Plate

Basically, I started my morning off with a cup of coffee made in a mocha pot. I warmed some milk and the cup on the side, and I add a dash of cinnamon, my favorite spice. With the mocha pot sitting on the stove, I went ahead toasted two slices of really dense whole wheat bread. I don’t have a toaster now because I am waiting to buy a toaster oven when the time comes. So, I grilled them on the Panini machine. It works pretty good actually. I like spreading crunchy almond butter on them. For something sweet and juicy, I decided on a small persimmon. That’s pretty much it for me unless I decide to go a little more upscale, and then I’ll have scrambled eggs with herbs. I then grab a big flat plate with everything on it and sit in front of the screen. I bite, sip, chewing and scrolling, read, type, and then bite again until there’s nothing on the plate.

I have no interest in food in between breakfast and lunch. I may start to graze in the afternoon if I need something; that would probably be almonds. Chocolate I love, too. I’m a chocoholic. I need chocolate every day.

Lunch usually happens early afternoon, and it can be whatever I can find in the refrigerator. It’s kind of like those shows where they get the chef into the pantry and give him four ingredients and see what he comes up with. Yesterday and most of the days recently, I had one omelet wrapped with plenty of spinach and cheddar cheese. I also cut up one avocado on the side and a slice of the same whole wheat bread. And then I toasted up some almonds, chopped them and sprinkled them on, too. 

I love to make broth after roasting a chicken. Then, with the chicken stock, I was able to create everything like, all kinds of soups or just cook plain grains in it. I use to use a whole chicken but this time I tried 5 thighs and 5 drum sticks, skinless. The stock is more chicken flavoring this way. Last night, I broiled whole wheat couscous in some of the stock. The night before was leftover rice congee. I always have all kinds of whole wheat in the pantry. The chicken stock really upgraded those plain old grains. On the couscous bed, there are the baked Mahi Mahi filets. They come from marinated package I found at Trader Joe’s. I had two finals yesterday so I had planned to save some time. Usually I season the fish from scratch right before baking them. Next time I will try to marinate fish ahead of days because I think they will absorb more aroma from the garlic and herbs. Right, I can totally do it my self. 

Tonight, I think I will have classic pasta. It will be whole wheat of course, and with just a little creativity on the sauce. I am thinking of tomatoes sauté with some garlic and some of that chicken stock and a little milk and basil, and toss it with the noodles. I fed myself up to 80-90% fullness last night and finished with some pieces of papaya as dessert.

It’s amazing to think of the nutritional responsibility you have in cooking, which then makes you wonder if you’re getting enough yourself. Along with studying the As to Zs of nutrition, I’ve been experimenting with so much more variety. I’m buying lots of vegetables that I didn’t eat so much as a kid and always kind of avoided in the grocery store. It’s been a real mind expander. It’s not so inspiring to cook for myself, but it’s inspiring to cook for someone else. When I was a kid, my mom was really involved in the cooking process, so maybe I get some of this from her.


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