“Julie and Julia” The Movie and Pepper Roasting Story

Last night we watched “Julie and Julia” and tonight I made Roasted Yellow Pepper Bruschetta and Potato Corn Chowder. The story is so inspiring and cheerful. I absolutely adore the movie. I feel more connected with Julie and Julia while cooking these two receipts after watching the movie. I just love chopping, dicing, and working with food in my kitchen. The bruschetta was something ordered by Hero, because Julie fried some pieces of bread with oil in the movie and Hero asked “Can we also do that?” Of course. About the soup, I had planned to make it at some point after watching all the soup/stew receip videos. So here we go.

Preheat the broiler, fetch all the ingredients, set out cooking tools, I started by steaming 4 red potatoes. The receipt says to simmer the potato in the finished soup for 20 minutes, but I opt for steaming them first. They will be ready for my chowder right way and no nutrients will be lost. Next, roast the yellow pepper. Arrange the oven rack to the top and place the pepper on a baking sheet. That’s it, no seasoning no greasing. All I need to do is to watch them until it’s chard. Now this sounds like nothing is going to be wrong, but there was a story about my first roasted pepper. The first time I roasted a red pepper, I thought I had create a disaster. The receipt said just put the pepper on a pan and leave it for 10 minutes, so I did. But then I found the charcoal spot on my pepper I was shocked “oh my, I burned it, what have I done?!” I removed pepper from pan immediately and started to worry about how am I going to do to finish the whole receipt. Dear, I had messed up dinner again….. What’s getting worst was that I later found out the pepper sitting aside started to shrink down into no shape at all…. it collapsed… Okay, I had not only burned it and also ruined a nice pepper…  After this incident, I had avoid any receipt calling for roasting pepper until I watched how Giada roasted pepper in her cooking video. I realized that I was actually doing exactly correct! Roasting pepper is supposed to be like that! They are supposed to be blackened and then gradually become soft and slimy once removed from the heat. So this time I worked with my absolute confident as I peeled off charcoal skins of the roasted yellow pepper and telling myself “Mmmm, don’t worry about the slimy texture, it’s good.”


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