Marks from 2010. Big, Whispering Wishes..rather, in 2011.

It might sound like I am late for this kind of post, but there are some special housekeeping things that should be done before I could start typing. (I wish I would do better job in writing this year.) Vacation is finally over and no matter how reluctant I feel and I have to see it go. Hero and I had an entire ten days off. We spent the first six days hiking in some beautiful national parks in Arizona. The rest days, well, we did nothing but one little sweet surprise that I will reveal in the next few days. We did watch an obscene amount of movies and enjoyed food, nothing too strenuous. It was nice to travel, relax and spend time together at the end of the year that is so special to both of us.

Prickely pears cactus, down in Grand Canyon, AZ

Last year, 2010, for me, was one of those years in which so much happens and so much changes, one of those years in which nothing goes according to plan and theworld throws literally everything it can think of at you.All of it, in the end, like it always happened to me, worked out somehow. Some of it even turned out for the best.One of the major changes that happened last year was that I switched from my original and intended field of study to a different one completely, basically upsetting every plan I’d ever made for myself within last two years. I felt excited rather scared. One of the teacher said to me, “You are very brave., which is good. I can feel how passionate you are just by watching you talking about it.”Having to constantly face up to and overcome things taught me that, when I put my mind to it, nothing is insurmountable, even if it may seem that way initially. I’m still pretty terrified where this new chapter is going to lead me, but the important thing is that I enjoy what I am doing. And that’s not always the case for a lot of people in these days.Appreciate things and people around you. I couldn’t do what I want and I wouldn’t have the gut to find my way out without Hero standing by.The other huge change happened last year was that I am no longer that tough lonely girl who was waiting for the one to surrender. Sometimes I can believe it but it’s time and it just happened, and I’m settled, for good. It’s amazing how we found each other and made our way here.Last year, I started a list of things, such as reading blogs as well as blogging my own blog, learning to cook, and studying nutrition, and etc. At the end of last year, I became super interested in photography, and soon kicked my butt into photography post production.Stepping into the year of 2011, I have couple wishes. I wish to be a better blogger, a better cook and a better photographer. That being said, to be more specific, I wish to write with beautiful words and stunning photos. I am also cultivating a pair of artistic eyes and a designer’s mind. For the physical part, I am trying to be more active, such as committing to the gym once in two days, like Hero, and conquer the Mission Peak summit once in a week as the weather becomes lovely and we will soon have more day time.



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