Shooting in raw

Last night’s workout was tough, I completed two sets of each Stability Ball Knee Tucks and Stability Ball Pikes after 30 minutes walking/running plus 15 minutes biking. It was hard, a lot harder than it seems. I don’t like the crowded gym, especially with the parking lot. You know why, because it’s January and everybody comes out with their big resolutions, including me… though I hate to admit. Well, I have been quite active in another way but not hitting to the gym.

So, winter is almost over here. Maybe I shouldn’t call it winter in the SF Bay Area, it’s more like the rain season.  A year back, I remember Greensboro had a big snow storm this time and I was afraid of leaving the apartment cause I cannot drive in snow. That was the most gloomy time in my life, struggling between school application, interviews, stay or move, going through my belongings of the past two years and then sadly discarding most of them… and the worst of all, feeling lonely.

Anyway, it’s been quite a year for me. Now, I am feeling sweet and happ, simply like this piece of homemade cheesecake and a cup of latte.

I tried shooting in raw this morning and played them around in LR. Not surprising, they pleased me very well and I think I will addict to the raw file from now on. The reason is the post production reveals much better results on the raw picture. It renders that subtle tones and details I have been trying to figure out with just JPEG file. But I am still not fully satisfied with the results. I need good light, light, natural light. I was running like a cat in the yard this morning, trying to find a place where I can set up a shooting table with good light. I found a couple pieces of the trashed wood board that our landlord used to building our kitchen. They could be good background table for the shooting subject once trimmed and cleaned. I guess I will let Hero working on that.

The only thing with RAW file is that I my SD card only allows me 42 pictures at a time. I guess I will have to control the temptation of constantly pressing the shutter button.

Or, if someone is reading, could that be something on my wishing list? I’ll make you one of this.

espresso-ed in moka


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