9 miles in Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Ta-da! I am so excited to present you the following interactive hiking video map.

Date: Jan 22, 2011
Trails & Points: Skyline To The Sea, Middle Ridge Rd, Sequoia, Sampervirens Falls
Distance: 9 miles
Elevation: 1020 ft
Duration: 5 hours 28 minutes

It was a nice and fun walk on Saturday, leading 9 walkers on an 9 mile ramble in the Big Basin Redwood State Park.

The group encountered almost all possible inccidents of hiking. At first, we took the wrong direction and then made an unintended loop (the shorter loop on the left side) back to where we started. So someone came up with the excuse to enjoy the pot luck since the only picnic place is at the entrance. After the feast, we finally made our way on the planned route, but there were giant fallen woods completely blocking the trail. We had climbed the tree trunk, made ways out among branches, slipped on slippery rock, and heard the scary echos of tree trunk bending somewhere near us… All the gifts from natures.

On the way back, we all proudly concluded that if we hadn’t hiked the wrong way, we would never had a chance to eat, and we could never experience nature’s surprise, and of course make the entire 9 miles!




  1. Yi

    wow.. that’s cool!

  2. Jing

    Good job, Erica and Sean! All zig-zags on the trail look very lovely. :)

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