The Tale of Two Wontons

Ever since I remember, I grew up making wonton. I am very fast. Mum is a great cook, but she’ll never catch up with the shape and speed of my wonton. Actually, I learned wrapping those cuties through Dad, but he is just lazy and likes to lying on the couch swinging fingers overseeing the process, and of course the first bowl of wonton soup goes to him always…

I miss the time when we had really close neighbours. At that time, if someone is having wonton of the day, I will hear knocks on the door with a bowl of heart warming wonton soup. I will then slurp with a silly smile on the face and mumbling on whose wonton has more fillings and better taste. It always ends up with the conclusion that no one makes wonton as stuffed and as yum as I do. I was only in my early 10’s. What a child!

Now, I am far away on the west coast of another continent. I make wonton for Hero and he slurps them like a child just like me. The first time I handed him a bowl of wonton I made, he was thrilled, like I am the best girl in the world. Then, he told me a story of two dumplings, which would turn every body’s face pink. Anyway, it is so cute that I’d like to share with you.

Once upon a time, two dumplings get married.

On the wedding night, the groom is surprised to see a meatball lying on the bed.

“Where is my bride?”

The meatball said shyly: “…Don’t you recognize your bride once I took of the clothes?”


Recipe of Beef, Pork and Mushroom Wonton Filling


1/2 lb ground pork (not lean)
1/2 lb ground beef (not lean)
3 stalks of finely chopped celery
1 cup of dry shiitake mushroom
1/2 cup of finely chopped scallion
3 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp rice wine or sake
1 beaten egg
some water
salt and pepper



1. Soak dry mushroom in a cup of hot water until soft and swelled, drain the mushrooms and keep the mushroom liquid. Finely chop the mushrooms. Set aside.

2. In a large mixing bowl, roughly mix ground pork, beef, egg, and rice wine together. Then, add 1/4 cup mushroom liquid into the meat mixture, use a large fork, beat the meat mixture until all the liquid is absorbed by the meat. Repeat beating the meat mixture with the rest of the liquid until all the mushroom liquid is used. By now, the meat mixture should be very tender, moist and the volume increased. If not, then add additional water into the meat mixture and beat well together.

Tip: the purpose of blending meat and water is to make sure the meat comes out moist and tender, instead of dry and chewy. Here I suggest using mushroom liquid to enhance the flavor.

3. After the meat is beaten, add scallion, soy sauce, celery, mushroom, a little bit salt and pepper. Mix all of them with meat.

4. Now is the time to test the flavor of the raw mixture. Just place a small spoon of meat mixture in another bowl, microwave it until done, usually 5-10 minutes depends on how much, taste it and then add more salt if needed.


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