4.7 miles in Huddart County Park

The snow storm bypassed. 

Seems like it’s truly difficult to get some snows in the Bay area.

Could we settle for that? No. 

With hopes of finding snows, we ventured into Huddart park.

Well, some snowy fresh air would be nice too.

The park.. what can I say?…

It’s delicately beautiful.

Pleasantly, girls yelled at the tiny traces of frosts worn by the trees.

Oh, and look at their barks, they can wear so many different things.

Staring down absent-mindedly, I was suddenly amazed by the leafs as they are getting ready to give back to the mother earth.

 Good for us, on a bridge across the little creek, we shouted out loud for real snows finally.

But the truth was… we all had been freezed from head to toe by the time. 


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