Weekend in the Row + Things going on

Lately, there is so much going on in my life, in our lives. All is well. I am happy, everyday, and once every other moment.

Here, I plan to leave some notes in the midst of my flood of anticipations.

  • smiling to springtime sunshine in the bay area
  • enjoying the bittersweets of being first time homeowners
  • making frugal home goods purchases
  • bookmarking favorite room designs and ideas
  • being excited about lovesac
  • finalizing SF bake sale goodies
  • preparing wrappings, tags, and ingredient cards
  • learning paper crafting, loving the natural Kraft style, and re-creating from recycling papers, even from used magazines and catalogues
  • upcoming dance performance
  • packing and cleaning
  • clearing out whatever edibles in the kitchen
  • doing something creative every day
  • discover something new every day

 With the wordless weather over the weekend, it’s so hard to not to walk outside and enjoy the sun. I shopped around for sofa and found this, watched a dance show, and took a paper crafting lesson afterwards. What a beautiful day spend!

A ballerina masks her strength with beauty.

Yet, undeniably, it is still there.

Beautiful strength.

Ballet, always the love of my heart.

 Making placement cards.

 A corner of the store.

Buttons, twines, and table card on the cutting board.


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