Life in boxes now

We have been moving in to our new house for a week now, and things are still floating around. (you know, with all the boxes that I already forget where is what even I have labeled them…) Apart from Internet-less, everything is pretty good. (…we do have to buy lots of furnitures and stuff later on, but Internet is the priority) I’d rather furniture-less than Internet-less, hah!
In the past 2 days, I pulled out dozens and dozens of cookies, muffins and cupcakes from my new kitchen. (yeah, the kitchen is the only place in the house that’s mostly ready and equipped. Thumbs up to me!) My lower back is complaining to me now because of standing all day, but who cares, I enjoy baking and especially being part of the bake sale.
Today, I met some wonderful people at the Bake Sale in city. It was eye feast for me. People show up with yummy goodies, and we chat, laugh, and take pictures. I have tons of pictures in the camera now that I hope Hero will soon set up the office so that you all get to see what I experienced.
I hope this quick note fills you in for now. Talk to you later in the new office next week, hopefully! :) Enjoy your weekend!


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