It’s almost the end of May and I don’t even know what day it is today… Right now I am catching some breath as I sat on the new lovesac sofa, which took two of us 3 hours last night to unpack, put covers on, and connect the sactional pieces. They are five bases, five seat cushions, five back pillows and five sides and it’s a hack of labor! However, they worth the effort because they look hot in that chocolate color and sit so comfy. I have taken pictures but they are in RAW format and my lightroom is in another computer. So, until we have our office set up, I will keep apologizing for blog posts without pictures…
Now that I am looking at our beautiful yard throughout the yet empty dinning room and thinking about the bittersweet we’ve been through. Yes we have a house, a pool house, there comes a lot of know hows and challenges, and even responsibilities.
We worried about the leaking tubs and pipes, the termites, the end-of-the-life roof, the 40,000 gallons of water in our back yard, and it seems that bad things always come together: the exhaust pipe of my car broke…and it screams while driving. We have felt so stressful that we had dreams that rain come down into the house through the roof, that the car explode on the way, and that the pool suddenly turns into a green pound…… And guess what happened this morning, a wild duck flew from no where into our pool and don’t want go!! No matter how I whoosh and shush it and splashed the water, it just swam around the pool and ignore all my craziness. At the moment, I have never wanted so much to catch and kill a duck so badly!!…it was deported at the end anyway.
Besides those fix projects, we also have make over projects, such as closet, kitchen cabinet, bathroom, etc. Browsing through all those beautiful homes online, I really like our home look nice, but all of these come with great time and effort, and of course money. Since I am the main shopper, I felt bad spending money every day. Yes, that is what I have been doing lately, buying stuffs for our home…big and little stuffs. I have dig every isle of so many stores, taking notes of price and measurements, not just once but trillion times. I have pictured what I want for every corner of the house and not letting every single piece of stuff out there passing through my eyes without contemplating.
We have plumb issues that would have cost 800 dollars to fix, but Hero managed to fix the major ones with a quarter of the cost. We canceled the previous pool service because that guy doesn’t even speak English and I have no idea what chemicals he puts in our pool. So I taught myself how to maintain the pool and it’s actually quite interesting once you know the water chemicals. It’s like doing chemistry lab (thanks to the chemistry classes I have taken lately).
We moved from a small bedroom into a thousand square feet house and suddenly there are so many room to play with and put our hearts in. I am the one who usually look at the the bright side and I am actually enjoying this work-in-progress status.
For now, I will stop stressing you out here. Stay tune.


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