The Sofa Showcase

You’ve heard me bragging about the LOVESAC sofa the other day. Now it’s time to show you how we put it together and how wonderful we think they are. (…by no means advertising)

And yes… I need decorative pillows. There you go.

Let’s go a little further.


It took me a while to find and finalize on a pair of  printed “Crown and Feather” with an embroidered “Magenta flower” on the side. Initially I meant to use the Chocolate (sofa) + Rose (pillow) color scheme, but until I found the exact rose color I want, I am settling for this magenta pillow for now.

You are probably wondering how the base and side are put together. It’s this little steel clamp that complete the whole set. It might not seem to be, but it’s rock solid. And thanks to the clamp design, we would be able to rearrange the sofa into whatever the shapes, including a bed.

Look at the slipper in the following picture and try to imagine the whole piece in that fuzzy cover. Our sofa would have been look like that. The truth was that we had a hard time choosing between this fuzzy silver cover and the chocolate cover. In this case, we went for the conservative choice. The good thing was that we didn’t forget to ask for something extra at the check out and we successfully “stole” this pair of fuzzy slipper. So that in the following years every time when we see the slipper, we could joke, “our sofa could look like that”.

Anyways, we love our sofa…

BTW, any critics are welcome.


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