3.3 miles in Joaquin Miller Park and Berkeley Kite Fest



  1. i never saw something like this before it’s beautiful

  2. Okay, I LOVE the last photo!! Amazing!

  3. Im glad this post got pressed. The Pictures are quite something. It seems like cartoon plus live action in one go!

  4. wow! very cool! i’d love to attend some sort of kite event. like fireworks…they light up the sky!

  5. The kite in that last picture — SO COOL!


  6. Beautiful! Will have to find out if there’s a calendar I can tag so I don’t miss the kite fest next year.

  7. Amazing kites. My only attempt at kite making as a child ended rather poorly. Not to mention the fact that I live in a very windy area and the purchased ones tend to get ripped apart or at least off the string.

  8. beautiful kites!!! too bad, i dont know how to make them fly… i just love to look at them up in the sky. c”,)


  9. liz

    i like the kites!

  10. Kites! you’ve just given me another idea
    for my bohemian post – visit my sight for
    an article on extreme knitting – I so want
    to look into this kite thing – love that

  11. Fiona.q

    this is REALLY fun!

  12. A fish below in the water, a kite up in the air.
    I fight the fish, the kite battles its medium.
    The fish does not come to land, I lose.
    The kite does come to land, I lose.
    Am I poorer for each battle?

    Marie Marshall

  13. The photo of the squid kites is beautiful. What a great idea.

  14. It reminds me of a famous book which named The Kite Runner

  15. Beautiful kites + fun = a wonderful day.

  16. I am seeing this kind of thing first time. Its really nice to see first one.

  17. Dev

    Beautiful Kites!!
    Haven’t seen any like them before…

  18. Love the flying Seahorse? Dragon? Kite Creature!!!

  19. So pretty! Makes me want to grab a kite & head out to the beach.

    I like the one that says “Let’s go fly a kite” .. But now I’ve got Mary Poppins in my head and it’s only 9 a.m.

    If I’m still dealing with this later today, I’ll be back to heckle you. Be warned! :)

  20. Beautiful! Makes me nostalgic for the kite flying races in Sri Lanka I took part in as a kid!

  21. Beautiful photos- would have loved to see this in person.

  22. They’re so beautiful! I could never fly a kite well. Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed!

  23. victorytragedy

    That first picture of yours truly is fascinating. I like the linearity of the kites, but yet it still has a “flowy” feeling to it. Kudos on the pictures.

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  25. Wow, what a sight! Thank you for posting.

    There’s something spooky but dazzling about seeing those kites up in the sky.

    To sit and see kites in the sky with a girl *****sighs*****

  26. I love kites! The dragon one was exceptional. Thanks for sharing!


  27. that event looks amazing — i have never seen anything like that; the closest i’ve ever been is behind the text of “the kite runner.” so inspiring, and that shot of the dragon kite is beyond words.


  28. thats quite different type of kite…. I luv kite flying…. I always enjoy the 2 days for kite flying…!

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