The Wall Project – Part One: Dining Room

It has been exactly 3 months since we’ve moved in and we keep crossing off things on our list. What took us an enormous time and effort, almost but not yet become our headache, is finding the dining set. It was after couple months of exhausted searching and buying and returning (that’s a long and silly story of us), that we found something minty in the picture below and decided to eat on it for the following years.

The good thing of owning a house is that you can play with the walls. By playing, I mean making holes and nails, splashing colors, hanging this and that… We finally get to the stage where I can play with the WALLs! The dining room walls are going to be my first project. I’ll explain what’s about the scrap papers sticking on the wall.  As you can see, the main wall would have one 6′ picture ledge to display assort of photos and small objects. Picture ledges is something I have wanted ever since I saw it. I love the freedom to display the pictures in any ways and the layering and depth feeling it offers.  One the right side wall, there would be sort of a mini bar, with wine bottle and glass shelves on tops and a table/kitchen cart at the bottom. The cart also provides extra surfaces for dining, or maybe a little kitchen island :). On the left side wall which is facing the living room and the house entrance, I am think of putting round or oval mirror, for 2 reasons: it contrasts the lines and squares of the brick wall and it reflects the mini bar on the opposite wall when looking from living room. 

Alright, these are the ideas so far! Maybe something more interesting will come up in the following days, who knows! 

BTW, I have been addicted to Pinterest, a very wonderful place where I get inspired!

Stay tuned for the “After” pictures!


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