How I made a Floating Frame with Silhouette Quote

Here it is, a piece of decorating art for home-made with a recycled picture frame. It looks simple, just frame and card stock, but oh boy, let’s don’t forget to mention the LOVE of labor behind it! No, it’s not machine cut, it is Hand Made. Sounds daunting?! May be, but if you really, really, and really want to make it, which I did really, anyone can make it.

I will briefly share how to. First, I arrange the quote in Illustrator, then print it out in mirror direction. Then, I align it on the back of a card stock, which means color side/patter side down, so that way after I cut out it will be the way it is from the front. Finally, you cut the quote out…  


P.S. Not For Sale



  1. so nice! Maybe I’ll make one for my wife too! looks a bit hard though… :p

  2. michelle

    hi, just wondering what font did you use, and where did you get the floating frame from???? thanks for sharing,xx

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