All Those Charming Creatures of the Ocean Wonderland

Last week, we finally made our way down to the Monterey Bay Aquaruim, a place so mysterious to me that I have been longing to go for quite some time (since I’ve never been to one..). As much as I love to eat seafood, I was enchanted to get so close to all the amazing creatures, some of them I have never imagined their existence before (…I know, that’s pretty silly). It is truly a wild world that’s definitely beyond my tabletop! (..thinking about food…. agian…Sigh!) 

This post is to share with you all those charming creatures, through my lens.

[Up] The ugly-looking fish has a pretty name, Sunfish

[Down] All I can think is Sardine in the can. yum!

[Up] A 7-month-old White Great Shark. It has to swim nice, eat nice, and play nice with other fishes in order to stay in the aquarium.

[Down] At front, Yellow Fin Tunas are patrolling;  at back, “clear out ways for me!” says the Hammerhead Shark


[Up] Moon jelly

[Down] “Free falling”

[Down] The secret life of seahorse

(just so you know, seahorse is one of a kind in the animal kingdom that the father gives birth to the babies. How dedicated!)

[Up] Sea dragon

[Down] Leafy sea dragon

BTW, throughout the visit in the aquarium, people were talking about sustainable seafood cooking and we got a little flyer that talks about what to avoid eating to being sustainable… I found that pretty much everything I love was band. (What?!) Oh well, as much as I feel like a hearty warm clam chowder after eyeballing so many live seafood (No, I wasn’t drooling…), we ended up without sticking our forks into any sorts of seafood dish.



  1. Yi

    Beautiful! Sea dragon is amazing

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