Post Oregon Adventure, Part III – Redwood National State Parks

This is the not-so-Oregon part of our adventure crossing the state line on our way back along the wild coastline, the home of the tallest trees and vast prairies.

[Up] Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail

Even nowadays, I still believe that trees are witches and spiritual. They are always watching people on the earth; they move their branches at night and whisper about things happened around them. They are our ancestors and they’ve watched and gone through so many things that we don’t know. They have so much to give to the earth and yet they complain and request. They are just standing tall and tall. While walking through the woods, I almost felt being watched and protected. I lightened the footsteps and lowered the voice, because the ancient forest are listening quietly.

[Up] a fallen redwood in the middle of Nuewton B. Drunry Scienic Pkwy

[Down] Broken redwood falling apart

Our story with the redwood got more interesting when we actually saw a tree falling and completely blocking the road in front of us. This huge guy hit the road like in slow motion and the red trunk pieces fallen apart everywhere. We were shocked and amazed.

On the other hand, fallen redwoods are part of the circle of life in the ancient forest. By falling down, they created space, light and nutrient for the new comers.

[Up] The founders tree on Avenue of the Giants

 In the end, we also had lots of fun driving through the redwoods.

[Up] three redwood trees we drove through

 [Up] A little hawk I spoted in the forest



  1. Thanks for sharing – love your photos, especially the last picture!

  2. I do too. It was when I looked at the picture afterwards that I find out that this little hawk had got its eyes on me!

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