The most wonderful time of the day

Everyday I spend a little time for my mind and body. I close my eyes, and think of someone or an experience that I am really grateful for. I focus on my gratitude for that person or experience, and let the feeling fill my heart and body.

Something that was difficult for me to do in the past years was to listen and accept words from others. I had always felt that I could manage things myself and I would be totally fine ignoring other people’s advice. I was determined to be credited for everything I did and if not I would be harder to myself in order to be recognized. But, life really becomes easier when I allow other people to guide me and contribute to me. Life becomes sweeter when I let someone care me and I care them. I become stronger and full when I let someone to share their gifts with me and lift me up.

I like to be positive and I am. For anything that’s unpleasant, I forget it in no time and smile the rest of my day. I have lots of my own insecurities that I face them all, but I only let the goodness stays inside and out.

To me, love and gratitude come together. I feel relaxed when I put down my ego, and forgive anyone or anything that has made me sad. I try to remember only the goodness about the person or experience and feel gratitude for whatever happened. There is nothing more amazing than forgiving and forgetting. Believe me.

I believe I have been given so many richness in my life and I am continuing to attract more. Always being in the moment, by breathing the beautiful air around me and thinking that I am cared and appreciated.

I share with you my ways of fulfilling heart: feeding the body with nourishment and the mind with loving thoughts. That’s my secret of happiness!

I am grateful to all of you who have being reading my blogs. And thinking that you will be continuing reading them makes me very much motivated.



  1. Yi

    Thank you for the powerful sharing of your secret ingredients of happiness! Your sharing lifts me up. Thank you!

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