Eating and living sustainably

Everyday we make decisions on what to put in and on our body, and I suggest everyone there have a little think about the food choices we make: How far does our meal travel to make it to the plate? For the sake of our Earth, it matters where we buy our fruits and vegetables and whether they are in season.

It seems to me that the evolution of human society has gone far away from the basic methods of living. Standardization and mass producing provided people with cheaper and shortcut way of eating and living. What arrived on people’s hands are packaged foods and products that are injected with nasty chemicals that taste funny and stay longer on the shelves, and with whatever false info they may claim with no obligations.

Consumers are fooled. Farmers are pushed to the brink. However, the unethical middle parties benefit from all that.

Recently, I came across an amazing organization called Sustainable Table. I would like to share the haunting snapshot of the massive environmental and ethical issues that underpin our food system.

•A system where 1 billion people go to bed hungry and 1 billion people are suffering from obesity
•A system where we throw out up to half of what we grow
•A system that has already destroyed 24% of global farmland, with a further 1% loss each year
•A system that is sucking our fresh water sources dry
•A system that sees 500 million animals housed in factory farms each year, in Australia alone
•A system that has caused the near collapse of every major fishery in the world
•A system powered by oil, which results in the well-off consumer gobbling up the equivalent of 66 barrels of oil each year
•A system where our farmers are being pushed to the brink, there is an above average suicide rate and the average age of a farmer is now 60 years old

Our food system should be ideally between local farmers/stores and consumers. Simply by changing the way we shop and eat, each of us can help to relief today’s environmental issues, one person one meal at a time.

At our home, I have committed to eat our every meal through a pile of local produce. The more I do so, the better I learn about the importance of buying locally, eating sustainably and looking after our planet to ensure there will be food and an Earth for our grandchildren (and theirs).

It is not difficult start to eat sustainably by doing something like the following. It will make you feel good, healthy and frugal too!

1. Change the we shop. Purchase the majority of our produce, especially fruits and vegetables, from local farmers’ markets – not only will this ensure we get fresh, seasonal produce, also we’re cutting out the middle man, so our money goes direct to the farmer. When buying grocery items, we should support organic grocers, local independent stores and greengrocer. If you are wondering which local farmer’s market is close to you, simply type in your zipcode on this website and try one of the local markets on one weekend morning.

2. Buy local, seasonal and certified organic. Actually, it is much cheaper buying organic foods directly from farmers than buying just conventional foods from large chained supermarkets. Purchasing organic and green products is better for the environment and our body because there are no synthetic chemicals, pesticides or GMO (genetically modified organisms) used.

I have been doing so and a lot beyond and we couldn’t be happier eating and living sustainably. If I could influence one family or one person to help our planet, then I would have completed my purpose of this post.



  1. More and more, consumers are beginning to turn away from the big box stores and shop smaller, and local.

  2. A Table in the Sun

    I’m totally jazzed that people are finally turning back to local food. Remember….back in the good old days….that’s how it was done. Local food promotes healthy bodies, a healthy economy, and a healthy environment. And it’s such fun cooking with the seasons!

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