Farewell 2011-My wishes for you in 2012

It’s difficult to believe we are nearing the beginning of another year again. Time really fly quickly while we are running older and busier… So many things have happened this year and I am very grateful and feel extremely blessed that the past year of 2011 couldn’t be more kind to me.

Throughout 2011 on a personal level, I had some amazing experience: being engaged and taking care of our new home are two of the biggest highlights. Learning to live a meaningful life, making personal adjustments to suit life styles at the moment, and all aspects of enjoying the fullness of life have also been incredible highlights for me in 2011. Other cheerful experience and moments include: a total of 200.8 miles distance and 29831 ft elevation change hiking in the Bay Area, the amazing trips to Oregon (Part I & Part II), the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Redwood National Parks, and Yosemite. Also need to mention that both of us had overcome swimming in the backyard pool. For next year, we are determined to learn how to ski, which is something I look forward very much. Another important highlight is that I have been unconditionally sucked into the wonderful world of photographing. My heart feel thankful for everything that I am given, especially Hero who has been a supportive and incredible man to me.

Aside from personal experience, the further development of Honeynhero Blog and getting to know you, my readers, are something that definitely influence my everyday life. With that influence, I start to re-think the purpose of writing this blog. I feel more responsible for each post I publish here and I always feel the impulsion to share every goodness that makes up my life and make an impact to someone through this platform. In the following time to come, I expect to hear more from you and your life and find out what is important to you, so that I could share something that might help you immediately.

While there have been some delightful news around the world, sadly we have seen a record number of tornadoes, unprecedented flooding, rampant earthquakes, disturbing volcanic eruptions and a tsunami in Japan, just to name a few. If we look back and empathise with people who have been affected by those tragedies, it’s compelling to think that we’re living in such a time and we appreciate fully just how lucky the rest of us truly are…

As I end this year and step forward into 2012, I have some personal wish for you that I believe have helped me in the past and hope you would gain some insights of living a meaningful life for the mind, body and soul.

May you take from the past years whatever has worked out for you. May you leave in the past anything that has not worked out for you and will not work for you.

May you believe in yourself  while remaining humble. Whoever you are, be confident, but not arrogant.

May you be healthy, eat good, sleep well, exercise more, look after your body, mind and soul.

May you avoid comparing yourself to others – each one is unique in their own way and no one is better than another; Experience with each breath just how incredible you are.

May you respect people and treat people how you want to be treated; love yourself so that you love others the same way.

May you hold anger and resent, and free from guilt and bitterness; Let go of hate and animosity, instead learn to understand and accept.

May you find joy, happiness and contentment; Be grateful for every experience, good or bad and see both as reflections and opportunities to build on.

May you experience the fullness of life, create life in every moment; Be who you were born to this earth to be.

May you open your heart and embrace unconditionally…….

Merry Christmas everyone!

And Happy New Year soon!



  1. Have a Great Holiday and a Happy New Year! Here’s to New Adventures in 2012:)

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