Start 2012 with a balanced acid alkaline body environment

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a good time in the holidays.

We spent the last 9 days of 2011 visiting several theme parks watching lots of shows in Los Angeles and San Diego. I also had my first experience on Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street, which was quite the opposite of what I had imagined. I enjoyed the architectures of the famous hotels and the amazing shows they put up there, but other than that I don’t want to make further comments as I am not that much into gambling, fancy shops, exotic buffets, and night clubs and not to mention the impure city air everywhere.

It is always very hard for me to stay the same life style when I am away from home, because when traveling I don’t have the resource needed to prepare my own foods and I cannot change the environment around me. I love traveling but I guess that part is the trade-off I have to live with. The first morning back home when I could enjoy my regular breakfast, I feel so much relaxed and secured. Holding a bowl of soaked muesli feels like being with my Mom and Dad. I miss my kitchen and preparing my own foods so much.

Natural and organic is a choice in how I live my life. I choose to fill my body with nutrients through eating organic foods, using natural skin care and household product. Because our body is the largest organ and it is important that we look after it and really nurture it.

Within our internal body terrain, numerous functions are carried out simultaneously. To help the body function smoothly, we need to maintain a balanced acid alkaline internal biochemistry or an alkalinity pH level within 7.30 to 7.45. As we know that an acidic environment is pro-cancer, while an alkaline environment is anti-cancer, this ideal alkaline environment is important for our immune system to fight diseases and to prevent cell degeneration, such as in the case of poor health, aging, cancer and other illness.

Our body builds up acids through two sources: 1) The body’s normal cellular respiration and energy production; 2) The consumption of acid present in the food, water and surrounding environment. Meanwhile, the body undergoes an ongoing balancing effort to remove excess acids and return to a more neutral state. If the body tilts towards more acid side, then there will be several metabolic effects that may harm the body, such as loss of essential minerals of calcium and magnesium, internal stress associated with aldosterone stimulation, high uric acid resulting from excessive protein breakdown and high triglycerides resulting from excessive consumption of sugar, grains and other complex carbohydrates. Also, when eating more of acidic foods, our blood’s pH level tilts towards the acid side and develops an acidic terrain that limits the capacity of blood oxygen and allows diseases and cancer cells to thrive.

An alkaline internal biochemistry can be achieved by eating more alkaline forming foods and less acid forming foods. I always try to balance my diet between 70% alkaline forming and 30% acid forming foods. Alkaline forming foods are primarily fresh fruits and vegetables.  Acid forming foods are meats, sugar, grains, and highly processed foods.  However I am not extremely strict when making the food choice, since I am not a vegetarian. Meats, being mostly beef and seafood, rice, pasta, yogurt, dark chocolate and occasionally home-made pastries and desserts make up most of my personal acidic food intake. To counteract the build-ups of the acidic food, I eat high alkaline foods to balance my overall nutrition intake. I eat a handful amount of lemons, oranges, figs, almonds, seaweeds, kiwifruit, coconut water, avocados, grapes, peas, arugula, spinach, kale, swiss chard, blueberries, strawberries, sweet corn, turnips, artichokes, brussels sprouts, onions, leeks, okra, and garlic. I consume beef to ensure I am getting enough heme iron intake. I also eat salmon, sardine, shrimp because of their nutritional properties and I eat them with higher alkaline foods. The key again is “everything in moderation”.

The chloride and fluoride present in the tap water could transform into highly acidic chemicals, so I drink filtered water with slices of lemons to alkaline the body whenever possible. I also drink 8 fl oz. black coffee every morning. Coffee could be an acidic food when consumed in excessive amount. I encourage you not to drink it if you can function well and feel fine without it. I personally have been drinking it for many years, so it’s hard for me to live without it. Again, my bottom line is one cup a day only in the morning and it’s black, means no sugar no milk.

I find lots of acid alkaline food chart/list from research papers, books and internet. As I couldn’t find a credible source of a complete list to share with you here, here are some general guidelines as what kind of foods are potentially alkaline forming and what foods are acid forming.

Most sugar, grain, and other complex carbohydrates containing foods are acid-forming. Exceptions are millet and buckwheat, which are considered to be alkaline.

Most fresh vegetables, fruits, and their juices are highly alkaline.

Again, I don’t adhere strictly to the alkaline side of foods, just make sure a good percentage (70%-80%) of the foods I eat come from those. Every body’s reaction will be different and keep in mind moderation is very important. Just because alkaline foods are better for us doesn’t mean we should simply eat all alkaline forming foods and ban all acidic foods at all. Certain acid formation is necessary for the body to perform metabolic activities.


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