Hotels of Las Vegas, Nevada

As we crossed over the last bare hill in the dry Nevada desert, I couldn’t imagine that we were about to enter a 24-hour party. But that’s just what we saw, the sight right before my eyes could make the kind of person acting like getting adrenaline shot. Everywhere I turned, I saw flashing fluorescent lights, buildings soaring to the sky, tourists packing the entire length of the Vegas Strip, taxis and buses stuck on the street, and so much more. I couldn’t deny the amazing architectures, enormous casinos, and shows, and thinking Man really could make things possible in the middle of this deadly desert, as long as there’s money and fun, and people who want that kind of money and fun.

On the second night of our stay, I was totally done with all that.

Circus circus, Las Vegas

Circus Circus Hotel

Volcano of Mirage, Las Vegas

Volcano of Mirage

Volcano of Mirage, Las Vegas

Fountain of Bellagio

Fountain of Bellagio


One comment

  1. For a dry and barren desert, there seems to be a lot of water in your photos…

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