Come and join me – San Francisco food bloggers bake sale 04.28.2012

I can’t believe it has been a year since the bake sale I participated in 2011. I still remember everything clear: we were packing and moving to our new home, I was baking madly in the new kitchen even without unpacking all the boxes, while at the same time I was in the middle of rehearsing my dance show. So it was pretty crazy around this time last year, so at the end, I didn’t even bother to write a re-cap of the bake sale on my blog…

Last year when I arrived at the 18 Reasons in San Francisco, I felt like walking into a pastry shop. I was surprised that the influence was huge and many foodies in the bay area have brought their master pieces such as beautifully designed tiered cakes, cupcakes, marshmallows, gorgeous pies, and all kinds of other treats, you name it. What makes the event so special is that the volunteers had not only poured their dedicated passion into baking, but also took the effort to design the wrapping and packaging. It was very heartwarming.

This year I am going to participate again, on April 28th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Omnivore Books 3885a Cesar Chavez, San Francisco. To simply describe what this is all about: An one day a year bake sale across the U.S. through regional food bloggers helps to benefit the non-profit Share Our Strength. Food bloggers from San Francisco Bay Area will sell their baked goods and donate 100% to help end the childhood hungry. Whether you have a blog or not, everyone is invited to attend, either bake or enjoy, or simply donate! You can find more detailed information about this year’s bake sale on the official website.

Here are the “one year late” re-cap of the fun event happened last year in the 18 Reasons, San Francisco.

San Francisco food blogger bake sale 2011 at the 18 Reason

People walking in the 18 Reason, 2011 San Francisco food blogger bake sale

Something I learned from last year: it was the big cakes and pies that sells the most quickly at a better price and a bunch of small things were discounted and couldn’t sell. So this year, instead of bringing little items, I decide to take on the challenge of making a few more delicate and fancy goodies. Hopefully, they would be popular and money would come quickly into the donation jar.

Cookies and muffins I brought

Cookies and muffins I brought

Loaf cakes I brought

Loaf cakes I brought

Treats and goodies lined up in 18 Reason

Treats and goodies lined up in 18 Reason

A gorgeous cake someone brought

A gorgeous cake someone brought

Come and join me to the bake sale on 04.28.

Indulge yourself in sweets while making a little impact!


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  1. What a great event and a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth!

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