Baby Goats

I  have always wanted to visit a goat farm, so we drove 100 miles north to this farm in the Western Sonoma County, picnicking under the apple trees, nibbling goat milk cheeses, kefirs and yogurts, cuddling with the baby goats, and trying our hands at hand-milking a goat!

I think goats are not given the credit for being the affectionate animals they actually are. They are gentle, mellow, curious, playful, and totally fearless, especially the baby kids. The goat kids seem to take a great amount of delight in kicking, butting, running, jumping, and climbing, like putting on a show for visitors.  There is something inherently soothing about watching goats, the kind of feeling that melts every piece of my bones. Anyone who is having the worst feelings of the world should go to a goat instead of a shrink, because goat would keep playing with you no matter who you are to bring out the true you.

The seconds I saw a baby goat running headlong across then leap sideways into the air just for the sheer joy of it, I realized how fragile and wrong that we sometimes fear so many things, and judge and complain things around that we shouldn’t have.  I want to live like a baby goat, always playful, always innocent, never complain, never judge, just enjoy the sheer joy of being.

Climbing is fun game to baby goats. No other adult goat will let a baby climb on them unless it’s their mother. This means, baby goats climb on “family” and if you let them climb on you, you are considered family (a good thing). Chewing is also fun for baby goats. It’s their way to “explore the world”, because they have no hands! They “chew” on you to learn you as new friends.

Baby goats play head butting.



  1. Great photos! I love goats but for some reason they want to jump all over me and steal the buttons from my clothing:) Have a Great Day!

  2. Love this! I agree, somehow goats have a bad image. Maybe it’s because the males have a high smell???

    Thank you! Lovexxxx

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