Bodega Bay and Sonoma Coast

I probably began to fancy Bodega Bay after watching Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”.  Bodega Bay, surrounded by bleak treeless hills and quiet fishing harbor, has a subtle difference compare to other areas along the California west coast. When I was in front of it, I started to understand why Mr. Hitchcock chose this place for his “horror project”. Bodega Bay is wild and sleepy, like some abandoned remote coast villages scattered alongside the ocean. What Mr. Hitchcock needed were clear open skies and a breathtaking ocean backdrop where thousands of intimidating sea birds could swoop and threaten.



  1. Loving your photos! I enjoyed exploring Bodega Bay, Bodega Head, Point Reyes National Seashore and Petaluma a few years back – beautiful piece of Cali coastline:) Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  2. nice ………..
    the activities of Bodega Bay crabbing, fishing, rock, hiking and birdwatching.
    thanks for sharing with us .

  3. yes , what a beautiful looks …………..

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