honeynhero memoire

“honeynhero memoire” is something I am working on, underground-ly. I downplay it, to my closeness, because I don’t know if I could finish or if the results would be pleasing, or if even I am ready. While on the other side I am aching to constrain the words out of my chest.

Since I got inspired, like many other ideas pop in my mind randomly, I have been determined to do it. It has been written down on my daily-to-dos, day after day, page after page…  Now things are crawling all over my nervous, because there’s not much time left as I stare at the deadline crossed on the calender.

For now, in the stillness of hope, I am still creeping…



  1. Good Luck – Here’s to Creativity and Feeding Your Passions:) Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  2. Lovely photo. I know the feeling – so much to do but little time to do it!

    Enjoy and thanks!

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