High Peaks Loop at Pinnacles National Monument, re-visit

Two hours away from the center of silicon valley, lies this spectacular ancient volcano. Rock spires, ramparts, crags, monoliths, sheer-walled canyons, and caves share no resemblance to the surrounding foothills on this landscape. Once a while, a California Condor or two appear far above, effortlessly gliding through the big boulders. We are here to appreciate the unspoiled wilderness of this land.

During last year’s hike, we started from the west gate, bypassed the steep and narrow section of the High Peaks Trail through Juniper Canyon Trail and Tunnel Trail, and I remember saying that we will try that next time so this time we did it. Again, after this visit we also left something for our third trip: hike to the other massive rock formation called Balconies.



  1. What a view, all of your shots here… ;-)

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures! ;)

  3. I love the trip stats!!! Elevation profile and the distance data is invaluable – cool looking hike!! I hiked the Mt. Whitney North Fork trail last fall – my first hike in Cali

  4. Loving your photos, especially the birds – thanks for sharing:) Have a Beautiful Day!

  5. bmust

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  6. Lovely photos. Thanks so much for sharing.


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