Upper Stevens Creek County Park, and Pre-wedding Thoughts

Lately,  I have been asked many times “How is wedding planning?” “Are you getting excited?” Yes, it’s only 2 weeks away! I could not even imagine soon enough how life would be engaged around parents, relatives, and out-of-town friends.

Let me tell you, planning a wedding by myself is NOT an EASY job, not to mention that I am working out every little details myself. It requires you to be visionary and realistic at the same time. It requires you to be detail oriented, while not losing the big picture. It requires you to embrace what you cannot get and what could go wrong. It also requires you to have the courage to ask for help. This is probably the toughest part for me. At the beginning, I was kind of reluctant to ask friends to decorate and set up everything on the wedding day. Two reasons, first I know (and I really hope) my friend would dress nicely and just be at the wedding and enjoy the whole time effortlessly (I don’t want them to sweat for the decorations and set-ups);  Second, I worry about whether my plans will be executed exactly the way I planned. (Hey, does that even matter…?!) While this is certainly not saying I don’t want any help, this is one thing that I was having a hard time to persuade myself and reach out for help. Thankfully, now I finally got myself all cleared and relaxed. We are truly very blessed to have friends offering hands for us. I thank all of you here!!

I made a detailed wedding day time line, and keep add stuffs on the pre-wedding jobs check list. Everyday, I go through them again and again just to make sure I’m not missing anything. I made illustrations and instructions of the decorations and set-ups to make the life easier for my helpers. I fascinate in every of my dreams about how to behave in front of the camera. And I even had those nightmares that all the wedding photos are gone… somehow. However, the lists, the anxieties never seem to end.

At some point maybe I have to let it go, stop nailing, stop worrying, and learn to incorporate a “whatever” attitude. (Gosh…I hope not!)

Upper Stevens Creek County Park

Wildflowers at Upper Stevens Creek County Park



  1. Great photos… ;-)

    Take a deep breath and and your thoughts will go into successfully way… ‘smile’

  2. I’m sure it will all go well!

    Enjoy – that is the main thing.

    Thanks for sharing with us and your lovely photos.

    All blessings. Lovexxxx

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