Sweet Elk Couple in love

Elk couple on the road, yellowstone national park

Yellowstone’s abundant and diverse wildlife are as famous as its geysers and animal sightings in Yellowstone can create traffic jams. To avoid that, I adapted to their habitats to come out in the early morning and evening when animals tend to be out feeding and thus are more easily seen.

I had one embarrassing moment one morning when I was driving from Grant Village to Old Faithful geyser.  One Elk was trying to mate with another one in the middle of the road. Both of them have obvious antlers over their head.  I was rather confused because isn’t it that only the males have antlers?! What was going on with those two creatures? Maybe for just a second, one of the elk got confused himself too?? However, the other elk did not seem to be irritated by him at all and rather it bowed its head and showed willingness. The two behaved like they are couple in love. They would sniff each other’s body, lick their antlers, hold heads together, and wherever one is going, the other one followed it gently. Forget about whether it’s possible or not, I witnessed another side of love among animals that is not aggressive, wild, and bloody.

In love sweet couple of Elk, Yellowstone National Park

Two Elk mating in the middle of the road, Yellowstone National Park

Sweet Elk couple, Yellowstone National Park


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