Happier at your own

It has been quite a few weeks since last time I edited my own photos. Lately I had the chance to do some aggressive editing taken with the 5D Mark ii and D800, I cannot help but marvel at the image quality and the depth that these two bodies creates when paired with good lenses.  Now go back to my good old friend camera, I started to generate a love/hate relationship with it. I have a FujiFilm S100fs (google it) and believe it or not most of the pictures on this blog were taken by it. This is… a very …unique… camera, neither a snapshot toy nor an entry-level DSLR, but it has everything a beginner could learn photography about. Even now, this camera still surprises me when I discover something about it that I never know it is capable of. When I got it in 2007 roughly when it first came out, I never see me going into photography at all, and I never touched the wheels and buttons except the scenery shooting mode or the AUTO mode. I was very proud of me getting this camera (I was no photographer and yet have a nice pro looking CAMERA) regardless what people around me saying oh it was good but far from a DSLR. For me, my understanding of DSLR at that time was a camera that can change lenses. And I thought why would I need to change lens when this little thing has a 28mm – 400mm zoom range! What could possibly be better than this camera?! (I start to get a little sarcastic, but don’t get me wrong.) I assure you that I never regret I had this camera and if I had to choose a camera to start with based on what I know now, I would still probably pick this one. Because it is such a versatile camera who does everything okay (for a beginner) and makes you struggle and think. It also saved us some financial disaster since I didn’t even bother to get crazy with all the lense and gears at an early learning stage. Instead, I work with it or make it work, or live with the fact that it is not going to work. It was about 2 years ago, I started taking pictures using this camera the way any beginner uses a DSLR. I don’t remember how many times I was amazed by its capability. For things I learned, I tried on this camera. Aside from its zoom range, it shoots RAW, it does AE bracketing, it has a shutter speed as fast as 1/4000s, it does macros and super macros(0.4 inch), its lens can be overridden by manual focus. There’s almost nothing that could be found on an entry-level DSLR you couldn’t find on this one. I joke that this camera is a beginner DSLR with a kit super zoom lens weld on it.

With that said, anything will eventually hit its limitations. This camera has helped me made some beautiful images. However, there were definitely times that I wish some of the images were taken with a better sensor; I wish I could shoot wide open when I need; I demand more sharpness and controls…simply put. When I really started to push this camera to the limit, then I realize what it is not capable of. It’s time and I know it from heart.

For sentimental reasons, I will never put it away. Also, sometimes it’s just not about how sharp or how superior you camera and lenses are, it’s about whether you get the shots or not, it’s about recording those special moments into timeless memories.

So, I said to my precious little camera: I have pushed a bit far on your capabilities, so instead of me whining about what you can’t do, I am going to let you do what you do the best. I hope I will make you happier at your own.

BTW, these shots were taken by my hubby… applause

Long Ridge Open Space Preserve Hike

[gigya src=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”http://www.everytrail.com/swf/widget.swf” quality=”high” width=”710″ height=”450″ FlashVars=”units=english&mode=0&key=ABQIAAAA_7wvFEi7gGngCZrOfos63hSN1xyBy-BzBD–25ZLXpVi3GfbehTQlZCXdpUFII2A5CGeExVTCyX1ow&viewMode=0&tripId=1834617&startLat=37.290569&startLon=-122.154373&mapType=Hybrid&” play=”true” quality=”high” pluginspage=http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer]



  1. Fascinating post. I just have an ordinary digital camera, Panasonic, not SLR. I get so frustrated sometimes when I can’t take night time shots, or sports shots, or close up shots of butterflies etc. But I know I could never master an SLR ~ I just can’t understand all the stuff about shutter speed and lenses etc. So I take what i can! The pics above are gorgeous.

  2. Thank you heavenhappens!
    Those pictures are taken by my husband. I believe everyone could make beautiful pictures.

    Thanks for reading my words, btw.:)

  3. These are beautiful shots! I especially love the pink hued leaves on the tree!

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