Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeom Point Light House, California

Once vital to the men whose livelihood depended on the sea, lighthouse stands tall and great, upon a solid rock, sings beam of protection and freedom.

A man and his family gave up what was lovely in living, for the means to live – the lighthouse keeper held his love for the children as well as caring for the sailors.

In the burning kernal of night, the seamen bless the peace it secures, every day and every night.



  1. A Table in the Sun

    I have visited lighthouses at Pt. Reyes and Trinidad in CA. Lovely to see. Where is Pigeon Pt.?

    • A table in the sun,

      Pigeon point is 27 miles south from Santa Cruz. It is under restoration. We hope to put the original lens up someday.

      Regards, Erika

  2. My husband’s a sailor, and yes, God bless lighthouses and their keepers, foremost. =>

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