Fall in the backyard

after the rain

[after the rain of fall]

When it’s the time of fall, I hear lots of discussions as where to hunt for that luscious fall color. I had been on one of those hunts and my eyes were filled with hues of orange and red, and bits of greens left here and there. But then we tend to neglect what’s close to us, like the fall color in the backyard. Our eyes don’t pick up things around ourselves, because “the grass is greener on the other side”, right? What we have got aren’t worth cherish, what others have got are always super. I have this kind of struggle with my photos from time to time. Sometimes my heart sings when I pick up my old camera, sometimes I just go “we’ll see…”. Now with a greater power, I feel more challenging and responsible and there’s no excuses anymore. The good part is that now I got a little bit more and more confidence in communicating ideas through the images. Yet the ideas may far from good, but they are my ideas and I am working on refining them.

last bit of green

[last bit of green]

I still got greens in my vein

[i still got green in my vein]

new borns in fall

[new born in fall]



  1. Fabulous photos. I saw a beautiful Jay in my garden today. he was burying acorns in my tub. I rushed to get my camera but missed taking a photo as I startled him x

  2. A Table in the Sun

    Lovely photos. It truly is the simple things in life that bring the most joy. I was picking up stunning leaves from my yard today…..looked like they had been painted by a very avant guard artist.

  3. Beautiful photos – and you’re so right! It’s the things right under our noses that are often the most rewarding.

    Wise words!

    Thanks again!


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