Strength underneath beauty

Ballet strength on the toe

When I was a 1st grader, my mom took me to a ballet program where I was told that I could dance ballet but I have flat foot which were not the best for pointe work. Despite that I still got trained in ballet techniques but was put in traditional dance performance instead. Since then I have developed a thing for ballet, especially the concept of dancing on the tips of the toe. Dancing has since been the love of my heart, whether it is watching a stage performance or swinging a couple of Chaînés on hearing the music in the kitchen. A year ago, I revisited my dance dream upon taking a contemporary jazz class and actually performed a piece of dance on the stage. I loved the sound of the music, the smell of rosin and leather, and the sight of my reflection in the polished wood floor. I loved the pounding heart almost came out of my chest before the show. And when the first note hit, my mind went blank while my body took over. Suddenly I was on the move, like pure instinct. Dancing requires a great deal of strength, even though the dancers move light as a feather, the more weightless they seem the more strength they hide underneath.

I wanted to capture that kind of strength masked with their beauty. So I picked up the phone and there I was, right beneath the stage, firing shutters like never before.

dancing girl

Strength underneath beauty, dancing girl

Last night I dreamed of myself doing pirouettes untill breathless…



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  3. Yi

    You’re the great dancer last year I saw you performed on stage. Those pictures are beautifully captured!

  4. Dude. Dude. The bent kneed black and white photo? Unreal.

  5. Thanks for commenting.
    Would you elaborate on your “Unreal”?

    • Initially, I meant it was unreal, as in “it’s unreal how great this photo is,” but it’s also got something really delightfully eerie about it. It’s dynamic and insect-like and alien in a really compelling way. I love the photo. And the pose. For me, ballet is sometimes too composed, too practiced. There is something raw and vulnerable about the pose that is, for this uninitiated viewer, is very moving.

  6. amnesiaclinic

    Lovely photos, Erica. Thanks. Dance is amazing and has such a wonderful ability to link people everywhere.


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