Bryce Canyon

Sunrise over Bryce Canyon

 [ Sun breaks through clouds at Bryce Point ]

These orange pink “asparagus” looking rock pillars are called the Hoodoos of the Bryce Canyon. They are sculpted by million years of freezing and thawing water. Just like the name implies, these hoodoos will cast a spell on all who visit. It did on me.

Bryce Point Sunrise

[ Hoodoos lights ]

The first rays of light bring Hoodoos’ amazing formations life. These hoodoos are beautiful at any time of the day, but at sunrise the color seem to glow from within. When I arrived at the Bryce Point, the cloud covering the east was thick and I felt the sunrise won’t be as dramatic as I had imagined. However, I’ve learned to not give up on days like this with the ever changing weather in the canyonlands. The sun came up behind the thick clouds and nothing happened, but a few minutes later it broke through a stream of the cloud, hitting the top of the hoodoos in the canyon valley. The light lasted only for about a few seconds, then the rest of the day was completely overcast and later followed by a snow storm. I love when I happens, to be surprised by Nature! Bryce Canyon is a place that must be seen in person to truly gain a sense of scale and oddity.

Moonset over Bryce Point

[ Moonset over Bryce Point ]

Bryce Canyon

Queens Garden

A door on Queens Garden Trail

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge

Bryce Canyon

Hoodoos in the snow storm

[ Hoodoos in the snow storm ]



  1. Stunning pictures! Been to Bryce Canyon many years ago in summer. Lovely to see this place with the snow dusting. ;-)

  2. AMAZING Captures – thanks for sharing!!! Happy Friday:)

  3. Your photos are sooooo awesome!!!!!! I wish I could take a trip and fly up to the states!!!

  4. Max Reynolds

    Breathtaking photos. Thank you for sharing them. -Max-

  5. Roo

    I would love to be in places like that!

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  7. staceylbm

    Oh my word. I popped over after you visited my blog (thank you so much for stopping by, btw :), and I can not get over your absolutely gorgeous photos here. Just gorgeous. Off to go see more.

  8. Sam Charles


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